How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Japan?

Last month I went to Japan. That is one of the best holiday trips I ever been, I totally enjoy the culture, the people, and the atmosphere. First of all, when I decided to go to japan I kinda not sure if I should go because everybody around me says it is gonna cost a lot !! “you can go to another country 2 -3  times with the same cost!” bold word right there lol, since they know all my trip always a budget trip...

But since Japan is one of my must visit country, and I rarely have someone to accompany me so I decided will go to Japan when my friend invites me!

here is my total cost for the preparation:

  • Preparing Visa ( It is free from my country because of diplomatic relations)
  • Plan Ticket $350 ( I am using ANA , its round trip Indonesia-Japan, ANA always do a promo ticket all around the world to increase to tourist in Japan, check it out on your country!)
  • JR Pass $279 ( This is Ticket Pass can make you take a train to all across Japan ! )
  • Disneyland and USS 1 day pass $140
  •  Airbnb for 8Night $300 ( I stay at Osaka – Dotonburi, Kyoto, Tokyo-Shibuya )
  • WiFi for 9 Day $54 ($6 / day)

So it cost me about $1100 to make the preparation. And it cost me $600 to eat for 9 Days. So in total I spent $1700. Quite good I think, when I research everybody always above that price tag. And I also manage to buy a little souviner 🙂 , Do you think it is expensive ?

Here is some picture that I manage to took :

This is the first thing that I eat in Japan, Ichiran Ramen Cost about ¥890, I am quite sure you will not full with this one bowl, order the ¥1000 menu, and you can get free refill !

Tokyo at night, it is very crowded but very enjoyable !

Raw Scallops with Sea Urchin, ¥500 , I cant eat this one…. urghhh

Tamagoyaki in Tsukiji Fish Market, This tamagoyaki video is everywhere in youtube, and it is cheap only ¥100  ! must try !

Tsukiji fish market Mochi with different fillings, ¥300 / each, This mochi is very good ! It’s melting in my mouth!

This is the Sushi Chain belt that I talk about, It only cost ¥100 for each plate here, mostly 2 sushi in 1 plate. And it is very fresh !!

And no way you go to japan without visiting temple/shrine.. here is Fushimi Inari Shrine ( fox shrine ?) It is quite overwhelming, Most of the people when arrive here gonna try to rinse their hand, and rinse their mouth with the water. Of course, I also try it! lol

Here is the street in Osaka!


It is very memorable trip for me, if I can I will visit japan again later ! but next time I will not make the same mistake that I made on this trip ! Here are my personal tips :

  • Don’t buy JR Pass if you only visit a few cities !! like me only visit Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo but spend $279 for the JR pass, If I buy it separately it can cost less ! If u plan to travel and visit so many countrysides in japan then it is worth to buy JR Pass.
  • Book Hakone (Mt.Fuji area) Bus ticket first before your arrive in Japan! I don’t know I must book it first, I try to buy it on the spot in the same day, and it’s full! No hope for me, that is why my mount Fuji Picture is not good enough.
  • Spend more time in Osaka. I love Osaka more than Tokyo, so does my friends.. the food there is more delicious ! and the city is smaller than Tokyo, so we don’t waste so much time to move from one place to another.
  • Bring your best shoes ! The most comfortable and padded one! I rarely walk, I always drive using motorcycle/cars, so when in japan so I am kinda shocked,  we walk about 10-15 miles each day. Gladly I use sneaker so it is very comfortable, but my friends is not.

That’s all , for this random post and blog..

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