My First Post On My First Blog

“What is a blog? Why so popular?”

That’s the question that across my mind 6 years ago. Then later I know that every time I google something that starts with “How to” it usually end up in someone blog, Then I am thinking “Wow then isn’t it mean blog is everywhere !?”  but since I’m not very adapt to technology it’s never across my mind to have a blog. First what I imagine is something that complicated

What i imagine is something like:

  • It must be hard to make a blog !
  • How much to pay a developer?
  • What about the maintenance?
  • Who gonna read our blog?

Then I discover blogspot, it’s very interesting and seems quite easy because so many people around me use it, but they use it like their own personal diary. then I question myself “should I also make a blog for fun ” ? “nnaahh, what are you gonna share? your life is flat, nothing special“, then I hold back my desire to start a blog…

Several Years Later

In 2016 my friend invites me to do a simple website project, He will make the website since he is a website developer, and I’ll handle the content. Well, I never do this kind of thing and I think this gonna be a good experience so of course, I agree. After almost 1 year the website is not going well and my friend decided to close it. Then I am thinking about making a website, my own website !

And then last month I went to Japan. It is my first time went there, and it is quite mindblowing, the culture, the attitude, the people, everything is fascinating. Very very very different from Southeast-asia country, then when I went to the area nearby Mount Fuji I sit about 20 minutes enjoying the view of Mount Fuji, then I decided to make a blog! more like diary! I gonna share everything across my mind, Isn’t it quite interesting to share like how japanese culture or my home country culture, or everything that I see with my own eyes, and maybe I can get a nice feedback that can broaden my knowledge, can change my point of view and make me more mature as a human being. Even though no one gonna read it, no one gonna visit my website, I still gonna update the content and kept the domain and the hosting as long as I can.

After I went back to my country, I start researching about how to make a blog. I still scared thinking making a website gonna be hard, very expensive and need so much effort. Well I don’t know that wordpress template is anywhere, and have so many option. Then I start buying WP template, hosting, domain and wow with less than $100 i can make my own secretpea site.

And here I am 2017 is a fresh start for me!  This is my first post!! I hope many people gonna visit my blog in 2017!


Btw here is the scenery of the Mount Fuji that I talk about. 


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